Modernize your Enterprise

Today’s users demand applications that offer instant intelligence and collaboration, whenever they need it, on whichever device they choose. It’s a lot to ask for and technology teams know it, with the vast majority looking to specialist partners to help them keep up and get ahead.

Sivana's Digital Transformation Solution helps enterprises achieve faster time to market, true agility, responsive interfaces, cloud enablement and much more.

Why modernize?

It's not uncommon today to find 20 to 30 year old legacy systems that have been upgraded and re-patched. Enterprises modernize their applications due to various reasons.

  • Existence of inflexible systems

    Existence of inflexible systems

  • Technology platform reaches end-of-life

    Technology platform reaches end-of-life

  • Licensing and Maintenance costs explode

    Licensing & Maintenance costs explode

  • Resources become expensive

    Resources become expensive

  • Hidden costs

    Hidden costs

  • Uncertainty of legacy platforms

    Uncertainty of legacy platforms

The Challenge

Enterprise Application Systems are in the heart of the business processes of big corporations by managing operations, production, human resources and finance functions for the enterprises. The challenges associated with enterprise application development are fundamentally diverse from commercial of the shelf software.

  • Ever changing business environment

    Ever changing business environment

  • Security Issues

    Security Issues

  • Pressure on going mobile

    Pressure on going mobile

  • Multiple expensive programming disciplines

    Multiple expensive programming disciplines

  • Friction between business owners and solution providers

    Friction between business owners & solution providers

  • Prolonged development time

    Prolonged development time

  • Agility and Stability

    Agility & Stability

Our Solution

We specialize in accelerated application development for enterprises. Sivana uses Graphite GTC platform to solve capacity problems, make the business functionality future-proof, reduce the required technology skills set, reduce time to market and reduce cost of development.



Specification, Requirements Gathering, BPR



Functional & UX Design, Use Case Walk-through, Technical Design, Statement of Work



Business & View Logic, Libraries, Integration



Test Plan, Systems & Integration Testing, Performance Testing



Implementation, Production Support, Release Management